menas New Workboat Naming Ceremony

New Workboat Naming Ceremony

MENAS has held a naming ceremony for its newly built workboat which will help in strengthening its capabilities in maintaining Aids to Navigation.

Diligent II was officially named at a special ceremony at the MENAS offices in Manama, Bahrain. Opening the ceremony, MENAS General Manager, Mahdi Al Mosawi praised the efforts of all those involved in supporting the build of the workboat, which will benefit the wider community in providing important maintenance work mainly in Bahraini waters.

The vessel is fully equipped with radar which can be used to check Racon signal and with an AIS receiver to monitor AtoNs, as well as AIS functionality and other standard navigation aids such as DGPS receivers.

The ceremony was attended by the MENAS team, IFAN Board of Directors, notably Louise Evans who kindly sponsored the vessel, as well as representatives from the Bahrain Ports Maritime Affairs Department.

Guy Mason, the newly appointed Chairman of IFAN, thanked all attendees and reminded them of the important role the workboat will play in providing safe navigation to all who pass through Bahraini and adjacent waterways. IFAN Board Director, Louise Evans, gave a short speech before she opened the curtain to reveal the official name of MENAS workboat’s name: Diligent II. Attendees were invited onboard the vessel for a quick tour.

During the event, Mr Mason presented Bahrain’s Ports Maritime Affairs, Captain Mohammed Al Murbati, Director of Maritime Safety and Environmental Protection, with a souvenir of the occasion.

Addressing attendees, Mr Mason, said: “We’re delighted to be enhancing our provision in the Middle East thanks to Diligent II, as she’ll strengthen our capabilities to maintain Aids to Navigation (AtoN) in the region.”

IFAN CEO, Peter Stanley, also passed on his thanks to IFAN Board Director, Louise Evans, for sponsoring the MENAS workboat.

Image: Picture Left to Right: MENAS General Manager, Mahdi Al Mosawi, IFAN Chairman, Guy Mason and IFAN Director, Louise Evans.