Bahrain Royal Navy visit MENAS 23rd April

MENAS welcomes Bahrain Royal Navy graduate officers

MENAS welcomed 16 officer delegates from the Bahrain Royal Navy on 23rd April, where they were able to hear about the importance of AtoN for safety of navigation.

Led by MENAS Technical Manager Shaheen Mirza Ismaeel, the tour was part of the Royal Navy’s frequent visit and training scheme for new graduate officers.

Throughout the day, the delegates were immersed in various aspects of MENAS’s operations and services. This encompassed a comprehensive overview of MENAS’s history and services and a tour which started with a visit to the operation centre, where officers were introduced to essential systems such as AIS, charts, monitoring system, and MSI services.

The visit also included a tour of the Buoy Yard, where officers saw the buoys and mooring systems, and the workshop which offered a glimpse into the development stages of marine lanterns. Delegates also visited the light intensity lab room, and the day was rounded off with a general discussion about AtoN services including AIS and the monitoring system.

The visit not only strengthened ties between the Bahrain Royal Navy and MENAS but also underscored the mutual commitment to advancing maritime safety standards.

MENAS General Manager Mahdi Al-Mosawi said: “The delegates were very interested to see how MENAS operates, and they had lots of questions which led to a very good discussion.”