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MENAS introduces university students to innovative PV Solar System project

MENAS has welcomed a group of university students from various institutions across Bahrain to introduce them to its PV solar system project. The visit on 26th May was organised to fulfil the students’ academic requirements in their renewable energy courses.

Jaffer Abdulla, the Training & Quality Manager at MENAS, greeted the students and provided an insightful overview of the solar system project. He emphasised the company’s dedication to environmental sustainability, highlighted by the installation of this advanced solar system, which is projected to supply over 90% of the company’s electrical energy needs.

The students were highly impressed by the system’s capabilities and efficiency and admired the meticulous method of installation and the strategic distribution of solar panels across buildings and car parking areas, which significantly contributes to the company’s energy consumption.

Many students appreciated the opportunity to closely observe the solar energy system in action, which will greatly enhance their understanding of renewable energy concepts.

During the visit, a brief technical explanation was provided, covering the electrical connections, engineering specifications, and the remote monitoring system of the project. This detailed insight offered the students a comprehensive understanding of the technical aspects and operational efficiency of the solar energy system.

The visit to MENAS’s PV solar system project not only showcased the company’s commitment to renewable energy but also provided valuable practical knowledge to the future professionals of Bahrain’s energy sector.

Watch a video of the visit here: