menas IALA Working Groups Enhance Safety

MENAS Contributes to IALA Working Groups to Enhance Safety

Mahdi Al Mosawi, MENAS General Manager, was delighted to attend the International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities (IALA) in Saint-Germain-En-Laye, France. He contributed on the challenges and considerations required for providing Aids to Navigation (AtoN) at the 16th meeting of the Engineering and Sustainability (ENG 16) Committee. He also attended the 16th AtoN Requirements and Management Committee (ARM 16) alongside Mohamed Khurshid, MENAS Operations Manager.

MENAS participated and contributed to ENG 16’s working group, discussing the ‘Aids to Navigation (AtoN) Equipment and Structures Exposed to Extreme Environmental Conditions’. Following the event, Mr Al Mosawi said: “It was great to be involved in the working group and share our experience on providing AtoN services in extreme hot climates. There was a fantastic turnout to the event as 30 new participants attended for the first time, so it was a great to get new insight and input from other experts. We were pleased to support the Committee in producing recommendations and guidelines for AtoN.”

Mohamed Khurshid, MENAS Operations Manager, added: “We were delighted to attend and participate in ARM 16’s Navigational Requirements and Working Group 2 on the information services and portrayal. Bringing the maritime community together is so important, as we all work together to make the oceans safer to navigate.”

Mr Al Mosawi added: “Delegates attended from over 27 countries which was important. There is a lot of work for the ARM 16 Committee during the 2018-2023 work period. It’s a big task but the uniting of the maritime sector and bringing great minds together meant the Committee was able to consider 60 papers and produce 25 papers which was a good achievement.”