menas Green Credentials Grow Solar Project

MENAS Green Credentials Grow with Solar System Project

The Middle East Navigation Aids System (MENAS), a subsidiary of IFAN, has underlined its commitment to the environment and renewable energy by investing in a solar power project that will save up to 90% of its electricity power consumption.

The Photovoltaic (PV) Solar System will take over five months to construct and will be installed on the MENAS building’s roof and car park in Bahrain. It will be equipped with a remote monitoring system to monitor the energy and performance. The power generated will be used by the MENAS buildings and any surplus will be fed to the grid, and exported units will be credited in the electricity bill.

MENAS General Manager, Mahdi Al Mosawi, said: “We’re pleased to be able to offset our carbon footprint through our PV Solar System. The investment will be paid back in seven years and the long-term impact on both cuttings costs and supporting the environment is a fantastic achievement.”

IFAN CEO, Peter Stanley, added: “We’re very delighted to be funding this project as it will contribute to the environment but also lower our operating costs over the next 25 years, which means the money can be invested into making the oceans safer and also supporting marine life.”