Notices to Mariners

Navtex 058/2024GULF AREA WARNINGS IN FORCE AT 291000 UTC FEB 24.
Navtex 056/2024Southern Gulf: UAE - Reclamation Works in Progress. superseded Navtex 224/2021.
Navtex 048/2024Southern Gulf UAE – Temporary Wave Buoy.
Navtex 047/2024Southern Gulf: Dubai – Muscat Offshore Sailing Race.
Navtex 043/2024Southern Gulf UAE – New Wreck.
Navtex 039/2024Central Gulf Bahrain – Backfilling Works.
Navtex 036/2024Central Gulf Qatar – Towing Operation.
Navtex 034/2024Southern Gulf UAE – RACON-C Temporary Removed.
Navtex 029/2024Southern Gulf Yas & Ruwais Channel – Buoys Temporary Altered in Position.
Navtex 028/2024Southern Gulf Ruwais Channel - Temporary Changes in position & flash characteristics.
Navtex 027/2024Central Gulf Bahrain – Establishment of New Pipelines.
Navtex 024/2024Northern Gulf: Kuwait - Sinking Vessel. Superseded Navtex 012/2024.
Navtex 020/2024Southern Gulf: UAE – Ruwais and Yas Channel Enhancement. superseded Navtex 306/2023.
Navtex 017/2024Southern Gulf: UAE – Zaqqum Fairway West Buoy Unlit.
Navtex 016/2024Central Gulf: Qatar - Geophysical Survey.
Navtex 004/2024Central Gulf: Bahrain – Construction of Bapco Trestle and Pipelines Laying Operations. superseded Navtex 207/2023.
Navtex 334/2023Southern Gulf: UAE – Trenching and Backfilling Activities..
Navtex 331/2023Central Gulf Qatar – Deployment of Mooring Buoys..
Navtex 327/2023Northern Gulf Kuwait – Restricted Area.
Navtex 320/2023Central Gulf: Qatar – Mooring Buoys Temporary removed.
Navtex 317/2023Southern Gulf: UAE – No Fishing & No Activities Zone.
Navtex 310/2023Central Gulf Bahrain – Reposition of Leading Light at Mina Salman. Superseded Navtex 308.2023.
Navtex 295/2023Central Gulf Qatar-Geophysical Survey
Navtex 290/2023Southern Gulf UAE - Rahim Wreck Buoy Unlit
Navtex 288/2023Central Gulf Qatar - Exclusion Area Around Damaged Subsea Assets
Navtex 285/2023Central Gulf: Qatar – ROV Campaign on Al Shaheen Field. Superseded Navtex 052/2023
Navtex 275/2023Southern Gulf UAE - Establishment of Anchor Storage
Navtex 272/2023Northern Gulf Kuwait - Establishment of New Buoys
Navtex 261/2023Central-Gulf-Qatar-Saturation-Diving-ROV-Operations
Navtex 258/2023Central Gulf: Qatar - Geotechnical Survey
Navtex 247/2023Southern Gulf UAE - Lost Anchors Obstructions
Navtex 239/2023Central Gulf Bahrain – Power cables Installation. Superseded Navtex 162/2023
Navtex 235/2023Northern Gulf Kuwait – Floating Cable
Navtex 222/2023Southern Gulf UAE - Old Spare SPM Unlit
Navtex 195/2023Central Gulf Bahrain - Under Bridge Construction
Navtex 182/2023Central Gulf Qatar - Well Head Platform Installed
Navtex 179/2023Central Gulf Qatar - Establishment of new CPP jacket
Navtex 136/2023Central Gulf Qatar - New Platform
Navtex 118/2023Southern Gulf - Lost Anchors Obstructions
Navtex 100/2023Southern Gulf - Construction Works
Navtex 087/2023Northern Gulf Kuwait - Metrological Tower Collapsed
Navtex 086/2023Central Gulf Bahrain - Offshore Pipeline Installation
Navtex 068/2023Central Gulf Bahrain - Dredging and Reclamation at South-East of Bahrain Steel Plant. Supersede Navtex 331.2022
Navtex 067/2023Central Gulf Bahrain – Buoys Movement. Supersede Navtex 330.2022
Navtex 051/2023Northern Gulf Kuwait – Shuwaikh Port Development
Navtex 050/2023Southern Gulf UAE – Deployment of Mooring Buoys
Navtex 042/2023 Central Gulf Qatar –1500mtr Safety Zones around SPMs
Navtex 020/2023Southern Gulf UAE – DHLP-05 Buoy Missing
Navtex 343/2022Central Gulf Bahrain – RE-Positioning of Buoy
Navtex 334/2022Southern Gulf UAE – RE-Positioning of Special Marker Data Buoy. superseded Navtex 262.2022
Navtex 143/2022Central Gulf: Bahrain Light Buoy Unlit. Superseded Navtex 117/2020.
Navtex 136/2022Northern Gulf Kuwait – Establishment of Navigation Buoy
Navtex 084/2022Central Gulf Sunken Vessel. superseded Navtex 083.2022
Navtex 062/2022 Southern Gulf UAE - NO GO AREA - Offshore Island Project Channel Dredging & Turning Basin. superseded Navtex 115.2021 & 345.2021
Navtex 019/2022Central Gulf Bahrain –Site Wreck Buoy Unlit
Navtex 305/2021Central Gulf Qatar – Al Khalij Field-Mooring Buoy Missing
Navtex 224/2021Southern Gulf UAE - Reclamation Works in Progress
Navtex 083/2021Central Gulf Barge Wreck Buoy is Missing. Superseded Navtex 065.2019