menas is awarded new project

MENAS awarded new project

Middle East Navigation Aids Service (MENAS) in conjunction with Bahrain Ports Maritime Affairs (PMA) has been awarded a Bahrain Aids to Navigation (AtoN) survey project to remove and replace three abandoned AtoNs in the Northwest of Bahrain. Under the agreement, MENAS will also survey all AtoNs in Bahraini waters.

The project is expected to take eight months and will require MENAS to cover a water area of 7,000 km² with a coastline of 161km. MENAS will evaluate AtoNs through their usage, by providing guidance to mariners either by marking a relevant channel, isolating danger areas, or ensuring that vessels stay out of danger areas. The survey plan will cover factors to determine the risk to mariners, vessels, facilities ashore and the marine environment based on the principle that failure of a single AtoN unit should not significantly increase the risk of safe navigation.

Mahdi Al Mosawi, MENAS General Manager, said: “We’re pleased to be working with Bahrain Ports Maritime Affairs to improve provision of AtoN services in Bahrain waters, to ensure all reach IALA industry standards. Our work will improve navigation for all which is important, thus making the travel safer for mariners and vessels.”